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How We're Giving Back

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive growth in the songwriting & music community by providing songwriters, artists, and musicians with kick a#$ tools for creativity, productivity, & success. 


Our Contributions 

We are excited and proud to be able to make a donation from every order to each of these charities. We hope our elite musicians will be excited to be able to help with these great causes. One dollar from every order is donated with every order. We also invite you to round up your order and increase your contribution! 




Notes For Notes

Notes For Notes is an awesome nonprofit enabling youth to create by providing free access to recording studios, instruments, & instruction so they can follow their passion. They provide everything from guitars, drums, and DJ gear to industry events and teachers. They are partnered with the Boys & Girls Club and the CMA Foundation to provide great experiences to the youth community. 

By donating gear, time, or extra cash from each order you can help even more. 





Music Forward Foundation

House Of Blues Music Forward Foundation helps by "accelerating leadership skills for the youth using music as the bridge to success" as described by them. By offering programs to the youth community aged 12 - 22, they help them to succeed in the music industry. They connect them to scholarships, field trips, music industry conventions, and more! You can even get further involved by becoming a mentor and/or sponsor. 







 MusiCares is run by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and is fully equipped to give back to the industry. Providing "a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need... treating each case with integrity and confidentiality." is how they describe their cause. They are here to help the music industry in times of need and we are grateful to have them. By giving back we are proud to know we are supporting those who need it most in the industry when times get tough. They provide financial assistance, addiction recovery programs, and also general health programs for the music industry workers. Did we mention this is run by the same crew that hosts the Grammys? 






Musicians On Call

Musicians On Call provides bedside performances for patients in the hospital. They have provided performances around the country so far. By believing in the power of live music and performance they are helping transform the lives of the patients. Get involved and perform as a musician for patients in your area or while on tour!







Songs For Kids Foundation

 Songs For Kids Foundation is also based in Atlanta with programs designed to "engage, inspire and uplift" as stated on their website. They help hospitalized children, special needs children, and their families by providing them with music activities. They provide things like recording programs, music mentorship, bedside performances, live interactive concerts, and songwriting classes.  









EIR Covid-19 Entertainment Industry Response

EIR is making sure the live entertainment industry continues to move forward during these difficult times. By creating ways to properly screen, quickly test, provide protective equipment, and more they are helping the show go on.